About - HakSki

What is HakSki?

Hakski.com is a compilation of photographs, short videos, itineraries, and travel guidance from my last fifteen years of experiences across the seven continents and over 40 countries.

The purpose of this website is to organize and memorialize the adventures had, places seen, and people met that have shaped who I am, and to share that with anyone who has a common appreciation for seeking an adventure. In essence, this site offers an extensive menu of global ski and travel ideas.

Beyond traveling, skiing and taking photographs, I love spending time with my incredible and supportive family. Sometimes my wife and baby girl join me, and sometimes I fly solo coming home with stories to share. My daughter just got her first pair of ski boots and I'm grateful for being able to share a more informed worldly perspective with her as she grows up to pursue her own passions.


For professional inquiries or partnerships, please contact The HakSki Studio


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