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Alagna Valsesia, with its challenging terrain and a no-frills ambiance, is the destination for advanced skiers looking to escape the crowds of an over populated mountain.  Nestled in a small, dead-end valley in Italy's northwest Piedmont region, Alagna brings new meaning to the term "small ski town", as the clock tower and neighboring river rapids will be the loudest sounds you will hear during your visit.

Every morning begins with a short walk from your hotel through the village's streets, passing old water mills, the church and wood-clad farmhouses before boarding the state of the art gondola - a true contrast to the town's ancient feel.  Once you start ascending Alagna's steep canyon walls, it will quickly become obvious why this special place has earned the title of "Freeride Paradise".  You will be hard pressed to find better side country access anywhere in the world.  If this place is getting the goods, don't think twice -  book it.

Location:  Alagna Valsesia

Accommodation:  Hotel Cristallo

Guide:  Andrea Tamilla

Restaurant:  Corno Bianco

TGR Article:  Alagna - The Freeride Paradise

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