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Slovenia sits in the former communist country of Yugoslavia and marks the northwest end of the Balkan Peninsula.  While the Julian Alps have quietly been featured in a few Patagonia magazines and other shoots, the hut and ski system here remains relatively under the radar.

Access is very easy with Ljubljana Airport a close drive away to the famous Lake Bled and your trailhead for ski touring. 

The Triglav Haute Route is a series of huts in the heart of the Julian Alps that offers an Eastern European contrast to the more well known haute routes of the Western Alps.  While not known for its steeps, the mountains are quite beautiful and the multi-hut circuit offers a number of options, including a tour into nearby Italy.  Many of the ski lines are surrounded by old World War I forts that marked the old boundary between battling countries.  This is a very unique experience and is arguably one of the most beautiful areas in the Balkans.

Operating Guide:  SloTrips

Hut:  Komna Hut

High Altitude Hut:  Krederica Hut

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