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Cooke City is without a doubt, one of the best backcountry places to ski in the U.S.  This is a no-brainer for anyone heading to Montana with a few extra days to spare away from the Big Sky / Bridger circuit and it's also an attractive touring option for those that have largely tapped other marquee yurt touring destinations in the U.S. including the Sawtooths, Wallowas and the Cascades.

To get there, ou'll pass through Livingston and into Yellowstone National Park before making it to the "town" of Cooke City - a temporary dead end road during winter that only opens up over the summer. This is a heavy snowmobile attraction as well but don't be intimidated by the level of activity or the fact that you feel like an outsider at the diner eating breakfast.

Beartooth Powder Guides is the way to go and their guides will bring you to their yurt at 10,000ft with endless ski terrain options.  Highly recommend.

Operating Guide:  Beartooth Powder Guides

Yurt:  Mt. Zimmer Yurt

Ski Magazine Article:   Beartooths

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