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Engelberg is arguably one of the top 3 places in all of the Alps.  Featured in one of TGR's classic early 2000s movies with Micah Black, Engelberg quietly started gaining international attention for the huge terrain and accessible side country.  The lift infrastructure is typical Swiss - world class and completely efficient.  Runs can exceed 2,000 meters or 6,000 feet.

Stay at the Ski Lodge Engelberg in town for a boutique, local feel and exceptional, reasonably priced dinners.  For some of the best fondue you've had, book a reservation well in advance at the Alpenclub, but make sure you reserve the upstairs room for fondue.

Just one ask - don't tell many people about this place - it's one of the best kept secrets in the Alps!

Hotel:  Ski Lodge Engelberg

Guide:  Tobias Granath

Guide:  Stefan Joller

Guide:  Engelberg Mountain Guides

Welcome to Engelberg

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