Himalayas [NEPAL] - HakSki

The Himalayas are as big as they come on Planet Earth.  No matter where you've traveled to, it's hard to explain just how dramatic these mountains appear when you first see them.  Your adventure begins in the capital city of Kathmandu which is as big of a gong show as you've probably heard.  Do yourself a favor and get your visa ahead of time at the Consulate General of Nepal on 49th street.

Kathmandu has some incredible sites as illustrated in this album.  Two days is plenty and then it's time to head northwest into the lake town of Pokhara which is the country's best access point for heli skiing.

The contrast of tropical weather with skiing pow at 18,000 feet in the Annapurna range of the Himalayas is insanely cool.  It's arguably one of the most unique ski experiences in the world.

Guiding Operator:  Himalaya Heliski Guides

Kathmandu Hotel:  Yak and Yeti Hotel

Kathmandu Coffee:  Karma Coffee

Pokhara Hotel:  Temple Tree Hotel

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