Hokkaido [JAPAN] - HakSki

Japan has the snow that skiing dreams are made of.  However, there is often misguidance on where to go.  As the country continues to build it's skiing audience, visitors should team up with local experts on where to find the best snow and touring options.

Chuck at Hokkaido Powder Guides is your answer for all guiding, accommodations and logistics.  

Amy and I had truly one of the best series of ski days we've ever had and it was largely due to Hokkaido Powder Guide's direction.  There are also a number of options on the main land as well including Hakuba but Hokkaido tends to bring the deepest snow.  The Salomon Freeski crew often taps Hokkaido for some of their short films and the Rusutsu one here highlights one of the many great places in Hokkaido to chose from.

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