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Rogers Pass is a famous ski touring access point in Glacier National Park, on the Powder Highway between the town of Golden and Revelstoke in British Columbia.  It is known for offering backcountry enthusiasts an extensive amount of options in the trees and alpine for those that enjoy big days touring.  No mechanical assistance is permitted in the area (snowmobiles, helicopters, etc.).  

The Pass is often subject to avi control road work so closures can exist between Golden and the Rogers Pass Discovery Center and as such, access from the Revelstoke side is recommended during storms.  Avi risk can be high in this area and it's recommended to bring a guide and practice in the Discovery Center's avi burial training center before heading out.

A fun add-on to a Rogers Pass trip is to do a day of heli with Selkirk Tangiers in Revelstoke.  It's heli skiing made easy with moderate terrain and a hassle free approach.

Rogers Pass Guide:  Capow

Revelstoke Heli Op:  Selkirk Tangiers

Revelstoke Mountain Hotel:  The Sutton Place Hotel

Revelstoke Restaurant:  Woolsey Creek Bistro

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