Rubys [NEVADA] - HakSki

Skiing in Nevada may not strike you as that exciting but that's exactly what makes it intriguing - it's different and still accessible via a drive from Salt Lake or a quick 50min flight.  And to be honest, the terrain here makes a mockery of Utah (controversial statement, but true).  This place resembles more of Europe than the States and the caramel colored rock walls are something to remember.  The only catch is that the accessibility is greatly enhanced by the use of a snowmobile - which can be orchestrated by handing a sled neck a 12-pack of beer or bringing your own rig.  Either way, this place is fantastic and the signature line is the famous TC Couloir as featured in our drone documentary.

Guide:  Andrew Eisenstark

Hotel:  Hotel Lamoille

Restaurant (only one in town):  The Pine Lodge

Local Heli Op:  Ruby Mountain Heli

Closest Airport:  Elko - Lamoille

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