Svaneti [GEORGIA] - HakSki

This is one of those wild trips that feels like you've entered another world.  A stunning drive along Georgia's Black Sea, gives way to the biggest mountains in the Great Caucasus and hours later, the small town of Mestia welcomes you - Georgia's version of a ski town, complete with hotels, great coffee shops, restaurants and a lot of vacant storefronts.  Mestia is often a place to get acclimated and the local ski mountain, Tetnuldi, offers incredible vertical, no crowds and stunning views of Mt. Tetnuldi and the famous  "Upper Svaneti" region.

But the real prize on this itinerary is one of the most remote towns in the world called Ushguli, separated from Mestia and the outside world by a 47km drive that takes no less than 3-hours to navigate through treacherous roads and narrow passages.  Often closed, and inaccessible during the heart of winter, skiers are forced to attempt access during the early spring.  Staying in stone castles that are 600 years old and touring out your door to mountains that top out at 17,500 ft on the border of Russia is an incredible ski experience.

Guiding Operator:  Svaneti Backcountry

Detailed Review w/ Airport Info:  Snow Magazine

Detailed Info on Svaneti:  Climbing in the Caucasus

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