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The Tatra Mountains are a distinct mountain range in Eastern Europe that span the Southern border of Poland and the Northern portion of Slovakia. While 75% of the range is technically in Slovakia, Poland’s historic mountain town of Zakopane offers an easy access point, with a 2-hour drive from the city of Krakow and the international airport.

The terrain is not typical of lower elevation Eastern Europe and exhibits a broad variety of technical terrain including signature summits and couloirs. The local passion and mountaineering heritage in Poland is impressive and results in year-round enjoyment of the range with ski moutaineers, ice climbers and alpinists in the winter and hikers and rock climbers during the warmer months. This is a great ski touring circuit with a 12-Hut system between Poland and Slovakia that can offer weeks of challenging terrain and reward. The best guide in Poland is named Magic and he will indeed live up to his name as he and his beautiful wife and family welcome you to their local mountain. Highly recommend.

Arrival:  The Luxury & Affordability of Krakow

Location:  Zakopane, Poland

Ski Resort:  Kasprowy Wierch

Hotel:  Aires

Restaurant:  Goralska Tradycja

Guide:  Maciej "Magic" Ciesielski

Magic Details:  Magic's Guiding Page

Hut:  The Five Lakes Refugio

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