Tobacco Roots [MONTANA] - HakSki

Bell Lake Yurt sits in the heart of the Tobacco Root Mountains roughly 90mins west of Bozeman.  The entry into the yurt itself is somewhat long and usually guides have a sled trailer assist for part of the gear transport.  Once at the yurt, views of couloirs greet you across one side of the range with deep gladed runs on the other side.  The terrain is fun although not in the same class as Montana's other prized ski touring yurt circuit, the Mt. Zimmer yurt with Beartooth Powder Guides inCooke City 

Bell Lake Yurt gives a great access point to skiing a unique mountain range within Montana and given the 90mins proximity to Bozeman, allows for easy access to Bridge Bowl and Big Sky.

Guiding Operator:  Bell Lake Yurt

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