Tordrillos [ALASKA] - HakSki

This is fantasy land.  Located 65 miles north of Anchorage, The Tordrillo Mountain Lodge sits separate and distinct from the cluster of Chugach operators that tend to bear the brunt of maritime weather systems.  Meanwhile, up north, "The Tordrillos" sits in the Alaskan Range, which extends into Denali.  I don't think I've ever been on a ski trip where every run blows your mind - the terrain here is simply exceptional with sustained pitches, technical lines and famous couloirs (see 2nd video).  While expensive, if you can swing this place, it will go down as likely one of the best ski trips of your life.  I can not stop talking about the memories here and have the highest regard for Harms, Overcast, Moe and team.  Truly world class.  

Guiding Operator:  Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

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