Wanaka [NEW ZEALAND] - HakSki

New Zealand is pure fantasy land.  The mountains, landscapes and people create an adventure that is likely unmatched by anything you've ever done.  A 75 minute drive from Queenstown takes you to Wanaka, a town on an iconic lake, surrounded by incredible mountains.  This setting is the ultimate base camp for unlimited summer and winter adventures.

This is the story of how we flew across the world with our 16-month old to greet our friends in New Zealand and experience everything Wanaka had to offer.  Start with the video and enjoy the album.  It snowed every day, for 10 days, prior to our arrival and then went blue.  Truly all time.

Accommodation:  Whare Kea Lodge

Operator:  Harris Mountain Heli

Wanaka's Best Ski Shop:  Racers Edge

Top Restaurant Pick:  Kika

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